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Mediterranean cuisine has been proven the healthiest diet plan for everyone in search of longevity and wellness. Due to the natural ingredients of the finest quality standards and the superb culinary combinations, the dishes of the Mediterranean cuisine are both delicious and nutritious. If you are looking for the best treats that will not only satisfy your palate but will also nourish your body and mind, this is just the right eating pattern for you!

Extra virgin olive oil is the backbone of the Mediterranean cuisine. It has been named the elixir of life and this name requires no further explanation. It is rich in antioxidants and healthy fats, offering a superb source of nutrients and vitamins. Olive oil accompanies healthy salads and is sprinkled on top of nearly all Mediterranean delicacies. Along with olives, the olive oil provides a refined taste to every dish.

Fresh fruit and vegetables are also quite commonly used in the Mediterranean cuisine. Who can say no to the world renowned Greek salad with feta cheese, tomatoes and cucumber, peppers and onions? A sprinkle of oregano and some olives and this is a true feast of the senses! Stuffed peppers and tomatoes, roasted vegetables in the oven and a plethora of appetizers are all splendid delights on the Mediterranean table. Along with the fresh catch of the day and some organically grown meat of the finest quality standards, this lifestyle leaves no room for mediocre flavors.

Explore the true gems of the Mediterranean cuisine at the marvelous wining & dining facilities of Lindian Village. The mastery of the chefs and the supremacy of the ingredients, the healthy and nutritious combinations along with the stunning views and the aesthetically refined settings, these are all special touches skyrocketing Mediterranean cuisine for your eyes only!
Lindian Village | 5 Star Hotel Rhodes
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