Bee Revived: Restoring Rhodian Biodiversity

Bee Revived: Restoring Rhodian Biodiversity

Restoring Rhodian Biodiversity

Help us make a buzz-worthy impact on Rhodes' ecosystem!
By donating to our initiative, you'll play a vital role in replenishing the bee population and rejuvenating the island's flora.

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Donate & Save the Nature of Rhodes

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The Bee Revived project involves the ‘adoption’ of 380K bees to address the ecological impact of the devastating fires of summer 2023. The social value of this project is estimated to be over €400,000 for Rhodes’ residents. Our initiative is dedicated to the restoration of Rhodes' ecosystem in the aftermath of the 2023 mega-fires through the adoption of 380K bees, and your support is deeply appreciated.

Join us in preserving biodiversity and ensuring a thriving future for our planet. Donate now and be a part of our commitment to environmental responsibility and awareness.
Bee Revived: Restoring Rhodian Biodiversity

Information About the Project

Details About Bee Revived Rhodes

Impact of the Action: • Pollination of 1,624,500,000 billion flowers in the upcoming year. • Empowerment of a beekeeper family, ensuring the sustainability of their profession. • Contribution to the biodiversity of Rhodes. • Support for the New Deal for EU Pollinators, essential for biodiversity. • Contribution to the local community. • Positive biodiversity impact on 28,274 acres of land within a 3km radius.

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The Bee Revived Experience

For May, September & October

For April, May, September and October, the Bee Revived Experience includes the following:

Transfers to the beehives area for up to 20 participants.

Beekeeper uniform to enjoy the experience to the maximum.

Tasting experience of honey local artisanal products.

Operating Hours: 10:00-12:00 & 17:00-19:00

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The Bee Revived Experience

For June, July & August

For June, July and August, the Experience unfolds as follows:

Welcome drink with a treat of rakomelo while the beekeeper will begin explaining both the honey production process, the impact of the fires to the bees’ population, as well as the bees’ circle of life and contribution to nature.

Then, he will take a honeycomb panel, explain all the above and share more information about honey production.

Finally, there will be specially designed stalls and a seating area with a variety of honeys, cheese, pastries and fruits for tasting as well as information on their recommended pairing.

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