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Lindian Village aids in the restoration of Rhodian nature’s diversity, following the devastating mega-fires of summer 2023, by taking care of 19 beehives on the island. Bees play a pivotal role in the balance of nature and we must protect and help them continue their invaluable contribution to the environment they so devotedly perform. Your previous contribution fuels our commitment to sustainability and will help save an integral part of our nature. You can learn more details and donate by clicking below.



Our Nature-Driven Philosophy Lindian Village Beach Resort Rhodes is a certified carbon-neutral hotel. This certification ensures that we keep track of and offset our greenhouse gas emissions. Our projects are validated to ensure that our resort’s emission

Sustainability Actions

Green Policies: ESG Compliance

Our efforts focus on caring for a greener and more inclusive world by implementing a range of sustainable practices, involving energy, water and waste management, reduction of emissions, creation of safe and equal work environments and compliance with ethical procurement practices and financial transparency. Caring for nature and the local community is a pivotal value of our resort, in line with the nature-driven ethos of all hotels under the brand of Curio Collection by Hilton.

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